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    Kashiwagi Haruko fandisk.

    Tha main story is about Haruko's brother Taichi, who spots a suspicious girl stalking his big sister and gets to know from her that Haruko might be going out with her brother. Taichi being a siscon and Saki being a brocon, they join forces to ascertain whether their older siblings are really dating or not.

    Additional content includes short comical side-stories about Misae and Touko's relationship, Yuuhi switching places with Meiya and the following confusion of the A01 team, a contest pitting the whole team A01 against Commander Radhabinod, and everyone's favorite hard-as-nails strategy game Akatsuki Haruka Nari 2

    Download "ハルコマニアックス" game:

    Download "Haruko Maniax" English patch:
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      Just playing -
      is there a connection between this VN and the anime Akane Maniax ?
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