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    The game takes place in the fictional Hotel Dusk, a small, somewhat rundown hotel located in the southwestern United States near Los Angeles, California during the year 1979. The game's protagonist is Kyle Hyde, a former member of the New York Police Department searching for his old partner, Brian Bradley. During his stay at the hotel, Kyle unravels a mystery shrouded in the hotel's past that may lead him to the answers he's looking for.

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    1. myrubbish2001's Avatar
      myrubbish2001 -
      I remember playing this on my DS. Good story, nice pacing and overall fun game. The ending was a bit hectic, but still well done.

      If you get stuck, there are plenty of walkthroughs avaliable on gamefaqs.
    1. radiantmadness's Avatar
      radiantmadness -
      indeed, great game! Hope some will play this!
    1. Another Thing's Avatar
      Another Thing -
      so this is VN? never thought of it. btw id you like this game try 'ace attorney' or '9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors' . good likewise
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