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    This is a kill or be killed brutal and deadly love story. Can you stay alive all the way to the ending?
    The girls are all violently possessive and go head over heels after sex. Every single one of them is sick!!

    Please be aware that there are elements in the story that the faint of heart may find too grotesque. ...
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    Article: Kikokugai - The Cyber Slayer-wanko-kurasou-jpg

    People were crazy about pets years ago. The particularly popular ones were cats and dogs that look human and have high intelligence. But the boom has died down with time, and now only people who really want them own them. Our main character is a college student who finds a stray anthropoid dog, collapsed in the rain. Unable to let her just die, he takes her up to his room and treats her. Even though he told her she can only stay until the rain ends, the dog stays in fear and worry.
    The main character decides to look for her owner.
    The life between a human and a dog starts...
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    Article: Ever 17: The Out of Infinity-heart-de-roommate-jpg

    During his transfer to a new school, Yusuke starts to think his luck couldn't get worse. Due to a series of inexplicable, unfortunate accidents, he is left in a strange city with nowhere to live. What is he supposed to do now?

    Suddenly and completely unexpectedly, he runs into an old friend, whom he hasn't seen for years. The hyper-active Asumi decides that due to an old debt that she must repay (Yusuke can't even remember what she's talking about!), she will help him out with a place to live. She then drags him along to her dorm, where she announces to her two roommates that Yusuke will now be living with them! But it's an all-girl dorm!

    Things continue to get more and more complicated. First, boys are forbidden in a girls' dorm, so Yusuke has to dress up like a girl each and every day in order to go to class. Also, he is apparently the new housekeeper and is made to do all the cleaning. And they make him sleep in the closet, of all places! Last but not least, he finds himself slowly but surely drawn to these girls, and begins to care for themů. ...
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    This patch removes mosaics from all hentai scenes in English version of Kana - little sister.
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    This patch makes Kana play music directly from hard drive, instead of CD-Audio, fixing playback issues on some systems.
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    Article: Family Project - uncensor patch-kana-jpg

    You have a sister by the name of Kana, who is 2 years younger than you are. You are an important figure to her; you have always watched over her. You have always taken care of her and loved her.
    Kana is also an important figure to you.
    It's not love or like, but it's something special.
    You care about her a lot and you feel that you have to protect her.
    You wish for her eternal happiness, but you just don't know how you feel about Kana.
    Yet. . .
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