• Just Deserts

    Just Deserts is a sci-fi action dating sim where you play as a soldier who must protect a city from mysterious alien attack, while at the same time you will also be seeking to capture the heart of your dream girl(s)!

    -5 unique heroines with different personalities and interests.
    -Full English voice act for each heroine!
    -English subtitle, with Indonesian and Japanese planned for update.
    -7 different endings, based on your status with the heroines. Approximately 7 hours to reach 1 ending.
    -List of activities which can be done alone or together with your favorite heroine.
    -Energy, health, money, day/night time and love status system.
    -Mini battle with the aliens.
    -Hundreds of items which you can use as a gift, food, or support in battle.
    -Travel across the desert area and the city.

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      napoleon -
      all ages suck but i'm a sucker for game play elements.
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