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    "Ugh... desert travel is terrible on the skin, let me tell you!
    Why did I ever choose to come this way...
    If I don't find water soon it's going to be troublesome.
    Wait, what's that in the distance - an oasis?! And a town next to it! Civilization at last..."

    I am Raidy, wandering the continent of Else as a swordfighter. I can freely bend the power of thunder to my will, so people have taken to calling me the "Lightning Warrior". I'm traveling far and wide to improve my fighting skills and search for clues about my past, and my mysterious power over lightning.

    After defeating the monsters in the Cubust tower in my last adventure, I left the village of Sadd behind and continued on my journey. My travels have taken me across the desert to the oasis town of Lake Blue. Looking forward to a break after the long and dusty journey, I settled in for the night at the local inn... only to have its peace shattered by the cries of the young, beautiful innkeeper!

    I rescued her from her mysterious assailant, to learn that the town was living under constant fear of attack from a gang of marauding bandits led by a cruel woman called Jammy. It seems my vacation won't be so uneventful after all! I set out to find information on the gang's hideout, and a new adventure begins...
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    Lightning Warrior Raidy II - HCG
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    1. webdriver's Avatar
      webdriver -
      pardon me, i want to ask something about this game.

      I got one with same title with this one, but the size is only 200Mb....

      can someone tell me whether my game is only a trial or not...

      thank you


      sorry, my eyes bit blurry cause of drowsiness, What I meant to ask is the one of that "Lightning Warrior Raidy ~Haja no Raikou~"

      the prequel of this one.... sorry the for posting at wrong place OTL
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