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  1. webdriver

    Corpse Party

    they are both same, the difference is premium user or not
  2. webdriver

    Corpse Party

    both are the same, difference is the 1 file use premium account and the other is free
  3. I FINISH MGQ FINAL!!!!!!..... And it's Awesome..... trolling..... and cool, welp.... overall worth as the final chapter of trilogy, except the boss battle is HOLY!!!! hard...
  4. webdriver


    only a few scene has voice, if not mistaken, only the ending part got voiced....(not so sure but it definitely has a few...)
  5. Thx guys here, the real problem is codec after all, I uninstall all codec, then Install K-Lite with LAV option and it's working ^_^ Somebody can close this thread ! Thanks the attention ^_^
  6. I don't really understand about the driver and stuff, though I don't think it's the problem, well, I'll download the CCCP firt and try it.
  7. Hm... gonna try it, never use CCCP though, usually K-Lite is it different from K-Lite?
  8. okay guys, this time I know the problem but don't know how to solve it. basically when my game program try to play video, the .exe crashed.... anyone know why and how to fix this? thx for example, I want to play Henshin!!! ~Pantsu ni Natte Kunkun Peropero~ after install it, I start the game, and just when the game attempt to play some MPEG files from folder, it crashed
  9. NO!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried install it normally in Jap Locale... and still crash ==" in the same place when the first scene fade out.... God Why... T_T
  10. Hi Guys it's me again, been long not here. okay the problem is I'm trying to install this game... I'm using 7 64Bit the method should be 1. Install the game 2. Extract the patch to the game folder 3. run the apply_diffs and the game always crash after the bike scene(2 minutes from start game) I tried different ways : 1. Using Jap Locale + Japan date 2. Using Jap Locale + US date 3. Using English Locale + US date and all the same crashed. for note I patch the game on Jap Locale my friend with same OS installed and play without problem, I even try to play without patc
  11. webdriver


    I think the later is more logic Entaro... LOL ^_^
  12. Yandere released YAY..... finally it's here ^_^ thx the info Ryu ^_^
  13. webdriver

    DRAMAtical Murder

    oh shit.... forgot to read the tag..... actually download this long time ago knowing it will get translated, and the title piqued my interest.... now reading.... "YAOI" well, since it's gonna be my first then.... oh well, just let me try this ^_^ anyway thank's Ivan for the Upload ^_^
  14. webdriver


    finnally come out ^_^... size of patch = size of game... well, not surprised anymore LOL... anyway thank's the update Ivan ^_^
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