• Nocturnal Illusion Renewal

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    This version improves the original Nocturnal Illusion release's CGs, and adds voice acting.

    Download "Nocturnal Illusion Renewal" game:

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    1. Maou's Avatar
      Maou -
      One of my "first" Vns, good times...
    1. Henta20's Avatar
      Henta20 -
      How can i play this game?
    1. Just playing's Avatar
      Just playing -
      at last the older games didnt work thanks man
    1. Exsilon's Avatar
      Exsilon -
      One of my very first VN adventure (I mean read)
      Thank you for the upload
    1. Nitedeth's Avatar
      Nitedeth -
      Is there a 64 bit version of this game, because the 32 bit version is incompatible with my system.
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