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    Somewhere in Tokyo is an underground club where important political and social figures gather to watch an unusual sport. Two women are put in a caged ring, in revealing clothes, and grope each other while wrestling. Whoever comes first, loses. No holds barred, and the loser has to endure any humiliation the winner asks. Into this ring comes a young girl named Aya, forced into slavery by people to whom she is nothing.

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      gamegodtre -
      Avast Anti Virus Detected a virus in the exe file
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      Exsilon -
      hmmm the game isnt work in 7
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      ultimecea -
      Quote Originally Posted by Exsilon View Post
      hmmm the game isnt work in 7
      you need to use MSDOS BOX to emulate and run the game
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      tokko1 -
      how do you use this MSDOS BOX/
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