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  1. Hnmnn I did watch school days the anime awhile back. How does the visual novel hold up against the anime? Is the visualnovel better?
  2. Yes I plan on reading all of key work, from kanon all the way to rewrite . After that I will dive into the expansive world of visual novels and see what else is out there. I pretty new to this genre
  3. Yes I was able to find a work around . After hours of digging through my files , I realize that the reallive.exe was not located inside of my crack folder. Turns out that my antivirus consider it a threat. Had to restore the crack file out of quarantine (being that I already deleted my rar files for little busters , and believe you me I did not feel like downloading all those files again) and insert it into my little busters folder , ultimately replace the reallive.exe the previous existed in the folder itself. After patching it up with the English patch everything seems to be working ok at t
  4. Ahhhhh wait I see, it says I need to mount lb.mds not the iso file . It seems I'm not able to mount the mds file with power iso which means I will need damon tools , is this correct ? Power mount will not allow me to mount that file type
  5. Yes I did , I can't get pass step 8 , when I try the (install) it the error message pops up as stated in my original post
  6. so I downloaded all of the rar files , including the English patch. I extract the files from the rar files than I mounted the iso. for so reason when I'm trying to install the game it keeps giving me this error message. not sure what I'm doing wrong , any help please
  7. Nvm , problem fixed , when I did region I didn't set it to Japan through administrative , seems to have fixed the problem , but on another note , when it comes to certain vn will I need tools to mount iso such daemon tools ?
  8. well, I didn't know where to ask the question so ill just put it here in gen. I'm a bit stomped and have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I downloaded the air visual novel but for some reason the game just crash after I click (dream). can anyone please help me with this. also being that I am very new to playing vn in this fashion can anyone help by telling me where do I put the English patch file in the game ? thank you guys
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