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  1. Belated thanks - this is among my favored OST, Saku Saku's. I personally think that it's among the best, both in terms of setting the right mood for it's VN as well as just musically - being extremely emotive, original and compositionally rich.
  2. aprilia1k

    Amagami [PS2]

    Any chance of the premium download link getting refreshed? Cheers in any event.
  3. aprilia1k

    Da Capo 3 R X-Rated

    I'm amazed that people are SO cheap that they can't pay like $17 for 30 days of fast easy downloads.... $17 people... 30 days. sheeesh... and he's explained about the constant file removals and account bans at least a thousand times by now.... but people just keep whining about the split files they can download for freeeee... then get belligerent when anyone calls them on it.
  4. Greetings Admin - The Trial (for downloadani.me) is a missing file. Same for the full game (japanese) as well, just fyi. Cheers
  5. aprilia1k

    The Sagara Family

    Thanks! I _think_ that the problem with the middle (#2) of the 3-part was that I forgot that such a split archive needs to be addressed as a single archive, via the first file, i.e. part1 - and I was attempting to treat them as individual archives. part2 didn't like this. Just a guess, as I haven't tested it again (yet). Since I downloaded the single-rar it is working of course. Really appreciate the replies, thanks! Stephen edit: Since I see no mention of downloading a crack or anything I'm thinking that it's already taken care of. Guess I'll find out :-) Cheers!
  6. aprilia1k

    The Sagara Family

    Greetings - New to the site, but not new to computers, archives and such. This site is AWESOME. I've gone for the faster download solution - it's really not a bad deal overall, and makes a huge difference it seems. Anyway - I am not complaining :-) This is just info for Admin. Perhaps the full-size file can be re-uploaded. Still, there does appear to be a problem with the 2nd archive in the split-download. * The first, full download-file "SagaraFamily.rar - 582.5 MB" is apparently no longer on the server. * The 2nd archive of the split download, "SagaraFamily.part2.rar - 199.
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