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  1. +1 For this 2 game they look nice. If you have time admin thanks =).
  2. Hello, I played some Newton and the Apple Tree yesteday and i crash during some moment of the game, repetitivly at the same moment. The only thing i find its to Ctrl and hope i past the point of crash but there one after that generally. Without spoil the first and 2 its on the scene in the dome where you are 4 and repair the thing. The 3 and 4 its during a conversation for the part with Lavi in this lab. I have no error whatsoever its just say that its stop working. If you have idea to stop that please tell me =)
  3. nekonya dont worry man :cool: i have two tengu girls now i spend 6 000 000 gold for her i and was win one


    over 300 packs i buy it and the end is only 1 and they are two now :cool:

  4. I'm sorry for that , I've cleared my PM storage.

  5. I don't really know all the issue and stuff so if i say something stupid just correct me and enlight me =) I think it would be difficult, okay they probably will be open to that but do the translation compagny will make the move ? I think its a little to risky and after the bash that the west blow to the Vn they risk some real complain and arrassment about it. If they decide to make a move for the +18 on steam its okay and will be back up by the laws of steam but the other will try probably everything to make it shut it down.
  6. Thanks you for the info i find the folder: 449830 and delete it, that work fine now my progress are at 0. I don't know what to add, just that work thanks you *o*
  7. Hello~, Im thinking of doing Muv luv again but i can't reset completly the progress that i was having. I wanted to have a read again but i can't really use the skip in that case. I instal the game 4 time i guess but still there and even after deleting all the save. Is there a way to reset completly or should i use Ctrl instaid ? If you want to know something just ask.
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