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  1. Robotics;Flop PC port suck so much that doesn't even have mouse support. And the Committe of Zero is working on a patch to fix some "issues" with the translation.
  2. Blonde > Red > Blue


    Happy birthday nonetheless~

  3. Let me just Like your comment 2 almost 3 years later LOL

    I'm mostly here to read littleshogun & Zero Dilemma Novel & RPG Status.


    They are doing an amazing job. I JUST saw your comment now. I have no idea how to navigate on this site LOL @Dio Brando

  4. Tenioha wasn't translated by a fan-translation group. It was the official publisher: rootnuko+H And doesn't look like they have any intention to localize Tenioha 2 or the fandisk.
  5. Happy Birthday and here is to another 78 more.

  6. Sansha Mendan It's the best Eroge I've ever played. All BISHOP titles are kamige stuff. Unfortunately, there are not many translated Eroges similar to Sansha Mendan. The only one I can think of is: Ochiru Hitozuma (Villainous Protagonist, Corruption of Characters, Mindbreak, Sexual slavery, etc...)
  7. http://sagaoz.net/savedata/ha/bunny3_light.zip
  8. Might as well face the facts, This Forum are Dead! It Doesn't matter if you call a server Official or Not... there is no one here to join these servers.... everybody is gone (Thanks Discord for that) Not even the people in both servers use this forum anymore... RIP People only download eroges here and leave, Hit & Run. Maybe the Bots that spam this forum will join the "official" server now... Who knows.
  9. Dio Brando

    Deviant Dungeon

    Thanks for the Upload! This looks really good
  10. Isekai Harem Dungeon Master ~Ero Trap de Himekishi Party & Maou o Yarimakuri! Haramase Chika Teikoku Kensetsu♪~ I'd like to request this great harem nukige!
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