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  1. this game was really good and it's by the same company that released NekoMiki so I would like to add my +1
  2. it might be hard to get something that is 20 years old translated, but you can try looking around I know ULMF and F95 both have some threads for translation requests
  3. If it is not translated it will not be added here, you just need to hope someone wants to pick it up and translate it but does not seem very likely
  4. seeing as the english release is all ages as was stated, it might not be a top priority or get released here
  5. this forum is to request for already translated eroge, not to request for someone to translate an eroge. If it is not already translated in english it will most likely not be uploaded here.
  6. According to VNDB there isn't an english translation of this out yet so yeah don't expect it to be posted here, at least not by admins someone might have a link but again probably not in english and if it is it will be some machine translated mess most likely
  7. Seeing as VNDB doesn't list an english translation for the project it doesnt' look like you're going to get it here
  8. I would like to request National Park Girls this game has some good arts and just looks really nice, althuogh seeing as only Episode 1 is out right now and Episode 5 (finale) isn't scheduled to be released until around this time this year. I'm not sure if it will be added
  9. Leanna's Slice of Life JAST USA I'm requesting this game which is another Kaugra Games + Acerola collab like President Yukino, Treasure Hunter Claire and Phantom Thief Celianna
  10. +1, seems interesting and I want to give it a try
  11. +1, art style is a bit weird but weird enough that it interest me
  12. +1, i am also interested in this
  13. Steam Prison there's already a request for this
  14. I'm not sure if you can request translation, usually only games that have already been translated are requested for, also try checking out VN Translation Status
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