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  1. Every place I have seen this looks unsafe af, so just asking if you could upload it, please.
  2. I have tried that but knowing support for companies, I feel I won't get a response that will be helpful.
  3. I have gotten a new computer and it comes with Windows 11. I have gotten all of my other games to work perfectly fine except for Chain: The Lost Footprints. No matter the combo I try, I get a black screen and not responding. I own the game through Jast and that also gives me the same problem. The only way I have gotten it to play is using the .exe from games like Amorous Professor Cherry and Do You Like Horny Bunnies 2. The problem is the sound effects are dead, Other than that, the game plays fine. Saves work and load. I'm just so confused on why I can't open the game with the official versio
  4. Would like to see this game uploaded please.
  5. I keep getting an error every time I try to play this game. It keeps saying data.xp3.sig doesn't exist.
  6. Xishalet


    Ooh. This looks interesting. Can't wait to play it.
  7. I saw Distant Memorajo and realized it was a sequel. Went looking for it on the website and didn't see it. I was hoping you could upload this one as well so I can play both. >.<
  8. Mangagamer game that released on the 17th of December. I would appreciate it. *heavy breathing*
  9. I got 2 TB of games. xD Usually when games don't open, it's a Steam game and I know how to fix that, but this game isn't on Steam, so I have no clue what is going on.
  10. No error message. Windows 10. Both on Sukebei and IGG. It was an .exe. Of course I have JP locale. Literally just clicking the .exe and nothing happens. No error. No pop up. It's like nothing runs. I don't have any antivirus besides Windows Defender and I didn't get a message for that. I literally have no information to even attempt to figure out the problem. That's why I posted here. I'm going to install it from Eroge at some point, even though it takes so damn long. That's why I decided to torrent it, but neither versions worked. Nothing opened. Nothing did anything. Ran as admin. Used
  11. I downloaded from multiple sources and it won't open. Does anyone know what I can do?
  12. More Key goodness. Please and thank you.
  13. Probably Higurashi Kai or Hou.
  14. I had to copy another steam api file from another game I downloaded from here to get it to work properly. Once you have it, it should open with no problem. If you have other Higurashi parts, try their api.
  15. Xishalet

    Cara the Bloodlord

    I'm getting an error trying to run this game. Anyone knows what I can do?
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