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    Rance Quest Magnum

    It wouldn't be easy to compare as it depends on what you like. The only thing that remains the same throughout the series is the storyline. In each game there are different gameplay mechanics. I guess Alicesoft developers get bored and like to try out new ways with each and every game. In R.Q. Magnum, everything you do is a quest (there is more than 200 quests). If you aren't doing a quest then you are sitting around at you castle (when you have one) counting the number of whores in your party, there are around 70 of them by the end of the game. Most quests are dungeons and that the only time
  2. Rancid

    Evenicle 2

    Alicesoft made a mess of this one compared to the first, a totally rushed mess. If you played the first you will know that the story in the second, does not fit with the first. At the end of the first it leaves you expecting a sequel but although this is the second game of the Evenicle series, it's in no way a sequel. That leaves you feeling like the story writer was not the same person for both games and if the writer for the second game was another person, then they didn't care about carrying on the story from the first game. All that does connect the two games is that one character from the
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