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  1. ABOUT Blackmailing My Neighbor is about Mia; was once a typical girl who attended school and enjoyed a happy life with her family. However, one day she woke up to discover that she had contracted the Futanari disease. Now living alone in a modest apartment she can barely afford, Mia's luck takes a turn when she catches her neighbor, Miss Death, cheating and captures it all on film. With this evidence, she can now blackmail Miss Death. Will Mia choose to fall in love with Miss Death and build a loving family together? Or will she exploit her for profit, turning her into a cock hu
  2. ABOUT NTR Classroom Sabotage is a role-playing RPG game that aims to provide the player with an immersive experience, with a story, based on the popular ISEKAI genre. The art of the project has a 2D anime style and the mechanics are inspired by other games of the RPG genre, which implement time systems and hidden scenes. Release Date: 12-05-2023 Developer: Strange Girl Studios Patreon - Discord - SUBSCRIBESTAR- Itch.io Censored: No Version: 0.14 OS: Windows Language: English Genre: Adult, Anime, Erotic, Hentai, JRPG, NSFW, Strate
  3. ABOUT Amy’s House entails the story of two childhood friends who rift and part ways. But an incident led the two to rekindle their one ruined relationship when MC started living in Amy’s house. Along the way, MC felt a lingering secrecy within Amy’s abode. What will he do to unveil the secret and capture Amy’s heart again? Amy’s House is an interactive visual novel 3D game that requires the player’s ability to choose what’s appropriate for the given scenarios. Gathering Amy’s affection points and go straight to the choice you think will lead you to the right and de
  4. ABOUT BUTTERFLY [Remastered] is a dark revenge game with very mature themes. You play as a strangely unnamed 18-year-old guy who's facing horrific bullying both physically and mentally until one day he decides to end his misery by jumping from his school's rooftop. But before he can accomplish his final action a Strange Girl shows up behind him and offers him a special power: the power to read people's thoughts. In exchange, he must give a chunk of his remaining life span to her every time he uses it. This game is written by none other than Fouzi94 Release D
  5. ABOUT LOANSHOCK is a unique interactive visual novel that features a complex narrative system. Set in a dystopian future somewhere in Southeast Asia where "monsters" are somehow normalized into society, you'll find this game rather bizarre in terms of atmosphere, vibe, and overall appeal. You take the role of Fae, a 22-year-old college girl who found herself taking a job in the province as part of her course program. Her job is the teller in a mysterious lending shop in an obscure part of town in the province. Apparently, a long-forgotten family relative owns this shop, which is
  6. Zero One [Remastered] After a disturbing number of suicide cases started making their way into the city, you and your companion Cecilia decided to check on these cases and investigate what was actually happening. In a story of forbidden faith, twisted morality, and lustful hunger, what's waiting for you? Does anything else actually matter? Release Date: 2023-08-15 Developer: Strange Girl Studios Patreon - Subscribestar - Discord - Twitter - Itch.io Censored: Demo Version: No OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android Language: English Other Games: Strange Gi
  7. As the 4th entry of our Forbidden Confessions series, My Lucky Charm entails the confession story of Keith, a 26-year-old man living alone in an apartment in Charlotte, North Carolina. One day, a mysterious girl named Hailey arrived at Keith's doorstep, which eventually lead to a series of encounters and affairs. Is Hailey's arrival a misfortune or the product of something else? Release Date: 6-1-23 Developer: Strange Girl Studios Patreon - Discord - Twitter - Itch.io Censored: No Version: Demo OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android Language: English Genre: Adult,
  8. You are standing in front of a huge mansion. A cold shiver runs down your spine as you follow the mysterious maid into the creepy-looking mansion. This is it. You mustn't look back. This is your only chance to escape your life as a shut-in. Your only chance to reclaim your ''existence''. Your only chance to prove your worth. So close your eyes, take a deep breath, and face whatever madness awaits you inside. Release Date: 4-5-23 Developer: Strange Girl Studios Patreon - Discord - Twitter - Itch.io Censored: No Version: Demo OS: Windows, Li
  9. Null is a murder mystery / social deduction game with time travel elements. You are trapped in a mansion with 8 other people and forced to play a game with some "Werewolf/Mafia" elements except the consequences are very real. But wait, that's not all, every time you die in the game you are sent back to the start of the loop forever trapped in a hellish game with no means to escape. But fear not, you're not alone. "CC", a strange girl who seems to also retain her memories after each loop, is also seeking an escape. Would you two be able to escape this hellish nightmare or would
  10. Legacy is a time travel story about a nameless teenage boy caught in a series of unusual events. One afternoon, our protagonist encounters a young girl trying to take her own life at the top of the school's rooftop. From this encounter, his life will change forever. Will he change his legacy? Or... Will he just be another pawn for the system? Release Date: Feb 6, 2023 Developer: Strange Girl Studios Patreon - Discord - Twitter - Itch.io Censored: No Version: Demo OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android Language: English Genre: Adult, Anime, Cute, Multiple Endin
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