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  1. Aiyoku No Eustia, i only waited for like 5 years now, i know you can achieve 100% perfection LOL
  2. DragonBall89

    Elisa: The Innkeeper

    adult ???
  3. G-senjou no Maou, why ??? I found it was decent enough the translation. Not that my english is top notch but still. It was one of the best vn that i have ever played.
  4. so here i was absent for almost a year thanks to the fact that i went to england and worked my legs off but after finally making back to mother land i see that someone actually took it to himself to pick up Aiyoku No Eustia again. So my question is this, is there any chance in hell that this time the translation will be finished and maybe done by this christmas ?
  5. DragonBall89

    Starlight Vega

    i might just need and easy read like this
  6. and here i was, thinking about the same thing and yet they stole my idea, preposterous. On a more serious note, while i do think that this is a good thing for the VN genre, because this could help "advertise" this feeble industry and also because Sharin no Kuni is a really good one, i still agree with "leonzell" about translating some new ones instead of copy paste and maybe re-check the grammar, which shouldn't be that hard if you're a native english speaker.
  7. the anime was pretty good, problem was that it was rushed in my opinion and so the ending wasn't as awesome.
  8. you must be kidding, even if he somehow deleted the files, it's always recoverable if you don't overwrite them, and even if you do in some cases the files are still recoverable, so no i'm not buying this. I don't even want to mention that FBI will probably recover the shit out of your HD even if you overwrite the files several times. But even for free, lots of programs will do the same trick only not at that length. He should have just said that it was a Hard Disk failure, and because it cost quite a bit to recover data from a non functional HD i would have believed it. This i do not.
  9. ...................................... i think you broke something in me.
  10. wow, now that was long, i hope you copy pasted it cuz otherwise your like on open lexicon and in that case i don't know if i should be worried or amazed. But anyway thanks for the info
  11. oh no i'm already a trader in real life and its kind of stressing sometimes so i though to myself that this could be it, but not having the power to make choices is kind of a let down.
  12. DragonBall89


    According to vndb it doesn't have an adult version, i don't like when they rip the adult content out of a VN but if it's all age from the get go then i'm all good.
  13. Good question, though i'm not a fan after seeing these three tags: Linear Plot, Single Ending and Kinetic Novel. So i decided to press the delete button. I guess i will give it a try if the whole thing is translated but not sooner. p.s. It would be awesome with an optional stockmarket mini game.
  14. DragonBall89

    Atom Grrrl!!

    so "the style is right out of a Tarantino film" are you for real ? what the heck kind of line is that ? Also that dark skinned girl's art seems a bit of, like she's a VN character inside a VN. She looks dead as a fish compared to the other characters, might be wrong though, just the first impression from the images listed on vndb.
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