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  1. Thanks! If you know any of the games I listed which I've played, could you compare it to something we know in terms of gameplay, story, etc.?
  2. Aw, forgive me. I just thought a thread with a more specific genre would be cool.
  3. Hello all! I'm new here... please check my intro @ the intro thread! Anyway, I'm really interested in VNs with good gameplay (usually associated with battle/strategy, but not limited to). My favourite VN is Sengoku Rance. I've also really liked Daiteitoku (the translated parts, at least). Daibanchou was okay. Eien no Aselia was also pretty good, though still inferior to the above listed (in terms of gameplay) in my opinion. Castle Fantasia Renewal 2 was a letdown to be honest... the generic gameplay soon became a drag rather than entertainment, offering no excitement whatsoever. Utawar
  4. Sorry I lied. I can take a good beating and be fine. Thanks! What VNs do you play?
  5. If only the world knew confucius was actually a huge pervert...
  6. sup gais and gals, i'm new here, konnichiwa. i'm very fragile 3 treat me nicely in university of toronto studying biophysics... i'm world class smart *cue confident chest puff* i have a wide variety of interests... you can talk to me about anything! favourite vn is sengoku rance. I'm a huge fan of vns with good gameplay (which explains why I love sengoku rance). Almost cried at how slow daitetoku is being translated. it'd be cool if you guys could recommend some vns with similar gameplay as sengoku rance. I've played eien no aselia, which wasn't bad but not as good (also no ecchi ). daib
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