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  1. http://data.whicdn.com/images/197122899/large.gif
  2. fable (HD remake) - i just finished it,pretty nice bard's tale - so-so wizardry 4 - kinda ok,but has aged badly gothic 3 - ok i guess kingdom of amalur ,reckoning - i started today,so far so good atelier iris - started today
  3. you have to have a 4th "special year" in BSc OR one year(2 semesters) in a Master's degree you then apply for MEXT through the local sushi embassy in your country.this is usually in april.For more info,visit the website of the japanese embassy in your country. IMO the best place for a science graduate is the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Home | Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University OIST. good luck rajesh.
  4. switch


    animeout is still active.....color me surprised, i thought it was nuked back to the stone age and here it is....
  5. case study : yachi he posted his address.name and SSI number a long ass time ago....... still fapping to lolis with their entrails hanging out of their stomach.
  6. hmmmm i dont really remember....i can manipulate people really well so they usually wont know.... hmmm....cant remember any tbh,im a very good liar and i always have a back up ready.im a sociopath i guess...
  7. 21 truth please.remember my children,you only get one chance.
  8. 15,16,17 oh yes,17..to be 17 again...oh youth .those dear years,when i only had to look at a single panel of bakuman to cum..... *he tried to fap this morning and it took him a full hour to cum* oh well, im off to wash my taiga daki....i made a lot of love to her today
  9. ohohohoohohohohohoho it is an honor ..... have you ever smelled your own fart? if so what did you think of it? 1,2,3
  10. 21 ok i dare someone to PM dirty old grannies to avenger.reward will be my semen-stained yellow dakimakura of taiga.
  11. old spirites : pedo new spirites : less pedo
  12. mein fusenshaft is ready
  13. there,deleted,ave ave ave avenger avenger thats your reason right there,good to see my former colleague is still keeping the troll candlelight burning
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