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  1. Btw, sorry to bother you again, but do you happen has any walkthrough for Thief and Sword
    Since you have Thief and troll walkthrough so i might as well ask just in case if you happen have it as well

    1. Pasa


      Sorry, don't have that one.

  2. alterchaos

    Thief and TROLL

    Thanks man, really appreciate it
  3. alterchaos

    Thief and TROLL

    Hi, Sorry to bother ya, but walkthrough mega download for capes route and sirian story is down Can you re upload it if you still have those walkthrough on hand ?
  4. alterchaos

    Sister Travel

    Nope, this is rather heart warming story about a guy who go around telling cute girl to join him in adventure and calling him Oni chan (no real incest involve) and the guy pretty much ask for some consent before penetration happen, at least the penetration part *winky face*
  5. alterchaos

    Josou Kaikyou

    ...... *stealthily download*
  6. urgg, why it have to be standard edition for them to translate it oh well, its baldr, ive been waited for a long time for this to get translate i just hope someone make the actual R-18 translate as well
  7. alterchaos

    Tropical Liquor

    HELL YEAH Been waiting for this, THANK YOU
  8. Thanks to you all who reply, if its this case, then i dont mind much, although seeing the pic from the cg, its kinda depressing lol
  9. Im confuse, who the mc in this game, The female or the male, or maybe both, cause i like to avoid playing as a girl if i can
  10. have you install it yet all those 4 RPG maker that you download if you already install all 4 of those rpg maker and the game still dosent work then i cant help ya, usually after people install all those 4 rpg maker, they already can play the game
  11. Well, u probably dosent install RPG maker yet if u still new for this tye of game just download and install here RPG Maker RTP Downloads | RPG Maker | Make A Game! download this 4, then u can play any type rpgx game out there RPG MAKER VX ACE RPG MAKER VX RPG MAKER XP RPG MAKER 2003
  12. alterchaos

    Sealed Room Breed 2

    Thanks Ivan Love the game simple but nice although a lil late witth the translation though
  13. hi,

    the profile picture that you have..is it in an anime? i don't think its carnival phantasm

  14. 21th and it has been a whole 5 years since the last entry LOL any way, im Alter, nice to meet cha all, Already play MOST of the translated Vn so far, even the gore one, so it will be a heck of list but my favorite VN will be, 1st Deus Machina Demonbane ( also the first Vn i played XD ), 2nd Clannad ( of course ), 3rd Fate/SN, 4th KiraKira, and 5th is Edelweiss ( all time fav XD ) Oh and, if u guys allowed some PS game , Then Ar-Tonelico series ( include the new Ar nosurge ) take the first place by far Love the story and music in those, ( but fighting mechanic, meh, not so much especiall
  15. Actually, yes, a bunch of them well they tease me about it and calling pedo once in a while, but i know they just joking around and know that i dont actually like or have guts to attack a child in real life It just depend on how close you are with your friend and how you explain to them whether as a joke or something to make them understand, they get used to it Hell, my gay friend has it much worse than me especially if he want to sit with other guy beside him at a food court.
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