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  1. @Wong well from what have i gathered reading some threads on reddit etc they did remove it yes even the virgin blood though the nutaku team says that they did not know those contents was removed or etc they have only known about it when the customers who bought them complaint about the content being removed so i don't know if they plan to make a patch for it etc
  2. usamiharu


    @KiritoCy The eng patch is so buggy....there are some H-scene got 3 H-scenes for Himeko and 2(3 probably for Nobunaga), Ivan the terrible Footjob that played while currently in game and its in japanese (not translated) but some heroine like seime didn't show up in the (currently in game) but you can see them in the galleries.... Still didn't finish the game since don't wanna finish it with so buggy patch
  3. usamiharu


    ....I never thought this patch has so many bugs (and of course incomplete)....and didn't realize that some H-scenes wer being skipped and not being played while in game (not gallery replay)..... Im gonna wait for some fixes...i might suddenly hung myself if i finished this with this patch.....
  4. usamiharu


    @Durin471 Yeah, it takes a long time to get them...you will see a heart meter if you click the heroine Thats why i was little bit disappointed when i got the first H-Scene it was in japanese.... the story/plot isn't all that new or something since this game has almost the same plot as Koihime Musuo....
  5. usamiharu


    I see......i don't mind it since i can understand some japanese words(by hearing them) and totally can't read any japanese (-_-) But yeah hope so somebody will translate it...
  6. usamiharu


    Ivan, did they not translate the s*x scene dialogues on this VN? since its all in japanese
  7. usamiharu


    Noice christmas present! Thanks!!
  8. its working fine for me Windows 7 x64 What i did: Turn-off Anti-virus I extracted the whole files in my desktop folder Click the Eng Patch (admin) and installed wer i extracted the whole files and click the start.exe wat jackymark was referring and its working fine for me i don't even need to run the start.exe to admin If your having problems in the first start wer you can see enter a CD key or something just click the right upper one button (it is written in japanese so dunno wat the heck it is saying)
  9. For those who having problems starting the game seems like the start.exe is being blocked by anti-virus so try to turn-off your anti-virus to start the game. (But seems like there's alot of problems when i go to option "currently in reading/playing" and try to back to game i got stuck and the back button disappears")
  10. usamiharu

    Toradora! Portable

    Guys if you want a walkthrough that is easy to understand. Here: アニ・ノート » Toradora Portable! and to those who want to play it in the PSP don't change it into CSO just download the prepatched ISO then put it into ur ISO folder i got no problems what so ever....but if you got problems so far it might be in your system software im in 6.60 PRO-B9
  11. usamiharu

    Moe Cure Net

    we need this kind of VN once in while XD im gonna download this! thanks for this awesome game XD
  12. usamiharu

    Dustmania Grotesque

    This VN is already beyond Gore.... even i like gore games i will never play this VN XD
  13. usamiharu

    Dengeki Stryker

    Finished the game and my impression is......I guess good? it starts to funny conversation and after later the ending"the last end" was so sad...... I hate the ending because the real yuuki yamato died and the other yuuki yamato & the other's returned to the manga i guess even so it was sad ending it was nice " and im sad cause why only 2 girls =("
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