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  1. Why does the CG got cut on both sides in hentai scenes? Same as Wild Romance: Mofu Mofu Edition...
  2. Devspar_Zero


    Does this one has the patch applied?
  3. I like the "long sexual scenes" tag.
  4. There are now mobile version of eroges. Now you can play anywhere, including the church, bar mitzvah, parade, coffee shop, gangster meetings, KFC, Nicolas Cage's house... the list is unlimited!!! On the serious side, please upload?
  5. Anybody got walkthrough for The Heiress?
  6. Devspar_Zero

    The Heiress

    Probably uncensored one. But still need some sort of walkthrough.
  7. Devspar_Zero

    Sorcery Jokers

    Is the gameplay only Visual Novel or are any RPG elements in it?
  8. Devspar_Zero

    Imouto Paradise! 2

    Doddler posted a patch for the game on December 29th 2017. Are any of you having problem with this game?
  9. Devspar_Zero

    Imouto Paradise! 2

    I really want to know their family structure...
  10. I know the top bar is HP, but what is anything else? And how to play it?
  11. Devspar_Zero

    Thug Hero Party

    So if I'm not reading it wrong... The protagonist has a girlfriend, girlfriend is a magical maiden, magical maiden has to have sex with hero to save the world, the hero is an asshole... Is this correct?
  12. Cause they sound completely different in each personality. If it was a same voice actress did this, damn, she is good.
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