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  1. Argh! Can't get Starry sky in spring to work, I can get all the bits and the patch, change to Japanese locale but during set up in comes up something in Japanese then it stops running! On a plus note got Starry Sky AFTER Spring working! How do I screen save?
  2. Yes, everyone is looking for an English patch, don't think there is one.Can only hope!
  3. Tried again to install Starry sky in spring, jeez I must have mucked up somewhere, so gonna try again, keep u informed.
  4. Daemon tools always comes with My search toolbar or some sort of Malware ^ ^; I tried Daemon tools first and it buggered up the pc had to get Noton and other programs to fix it. Thank you for the advice! I shall try it tonight and let you know x
  5. Looking for a SAFE download of Queen of Darkness - The First Moon, it is the prequel to The Second Reproduction.
  6. I don't need a detailed explanation, just a brief way of what to do after you've got the Rar files and the patches. This game has iso file and I DO have magic disc. Just forgot how to use the darn thing XD ANY help will be great
  7. It's embarrassing! I've completely forgotten how to install some games that I'd installed before! I've downloaded all the RAR files for Starry sky in Spring, can someone give me brief guide to installing and adding the English patch please? I used to know how to deal with Iso files etc now im just confused.3 I want to play Starry sky in Spring After, but have no idea how to go about patching and installing.... Help!
  8. Yeah I've downloaded and installed Vn's before. I have it on Jap Locale on my pc, I can install the game from mounting the image but after that i'm stuck. 1.Should I even bother installing the no dvd mount patch? As it doesn't seem to work anways. 2.How do I patch the English patch in? Do I replace some files or install something? Btw Thank you for replying
  9. Can anyone give me a dummies guide to install this game? I have all 17parts and I have got both the English patch and the no dvd patch. please any help is appreciated
  10. As the title says I'm having nightmare installing this game. I have it in Japanese locale but I have no idea what I'm clicking plus the update patch, crack and English patch just add more to the confusion. If their is already an installation walkthrough I apologize, I'm still pretty new here and finding my way about. Thanks for any help you can give!
  11. I only got to the point of the occult club, he'd used up all his shinigami.... And I may do, I just found half of the text meaningless and long winded.
  12. haha =) I loved Devil on a G string (G-Senjou no Maou) Finished Clannad, Tried Rewrite but is it sad to say that I got bored of the text heaviness of it? Guess I'm onto my next recommendation - Wish upon a star was it? =P
  13. Thank you! it worked this time! I didnt need the siglus engine. I had installed the game wrong by using the iso's and extracting from that. Thanks again! =D
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