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  1. God Knight

    Kami no Rhapsody

    Wow!!! Second eng game of Eushully. Wait long enough. Thanks
  2. God Knight


    finally come out.
  3. God Knight

    Imouto Paradise! 2

    finally it come out. thanks
  4. God Knight

    Thug Hero Party

    Poor MC even though he gains the power to kill the bastard hero he isn't accept by girl he love. In the end even though he has kill the god and change the world, he still die anyway (True end). This story make me very angry (at least it have one good end but not with the main heroines). The MC had suffer from the beginning of the game. Even though he defeat the god and save the world, he didn't gain anything (no girls/fame/family) only death at the end. This MC is the most unfortunately among games I played. (if i can i really want to make a sequel of this game).
  5. God Knight

    Beat Blades Haruka

    There some one who share this link https://s3.amazonaws.com/mangagamer_public/Haruka_Update_4.zip It help fix video error
  6. Not really there one good end but very very short
  7. One good end (But very short)
  8. At last it come out. I had waited for this game translate from the day it come out
  9. God Knight

    Bunny Black 2

    It finally translated
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