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  1. Wow this game is massive wth. Does it has like 3D or L2D animation? Also MTL?
  2. Aw this doesnt't have the DLC pack. I don't really mind MTL since I can understand what they're saying, as long as I understand how to play the game, it's good enough for me.
  3. Farhan1110

    Koikatsu Sunshine

    24 parts lol. Yeee I'm gonna wait for other download site....
  4. Is this any good? Like the premise is similar to If My Heart Have Wings or Robotics Notes, but the quality?
  5. Farhan1110

    LOVE³ -Love Cube-

    5.9 GB!? What makes it so big? Judging from the number of CG, the game is pretty short. Is there a lot of animation like NekoPara?
  6. I love how the standard for "All Ages" have gone down so much.
  7. Farhan1110

    Sabbat of the Witch

    Thanks! Also in Fuwanovel forum it said you need to the dummy Nene's ending and then "restart" to see the second half. But the "restart" button never appear.
  8. Farhan1110

    Sabbat of the Witch

    When you mean patch is it the H-scene patch or the uncensored patch?
  9. Farhan1110

    I Walk Among Zombies

    Thanks as always Comrade
  10. Farhan1110


    Thanks Ivan! I never know RPG game can have pretty good story telling.
  11. Farhan1110


    I'm surprised that over the year this website never get banned by my government even though it have 'eroge' in the URL.
  12. Farhan1110

    Momoiro Closet

    It works right? It doesn't send you to the steam page right?
  13. Farhan1110


    Already played it, it's a nice addition. Sad when hear Overdrive went bankrupt. Also who the hell going back to this article? This is like the first 10(?) upload of the site.
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