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  1. Hey, as the title suggests i was wondering if anyone had a walk through or found one, or could even contribute to one. If anyone could post a link to even a Japanese walkthrough, much would be appreciated! Cheers!
  2. Alright ill get on that then, i quite want to read this whole story as it seems pretty interesting and sorta intense but right now im wondering about... -Akane Maniax ~Nagareboshi Densetsu Go... -Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles vol 1 2 3 and 4 i think (i think these are fandisks) -Muv-Luv Photonflowers -Muv-Luv Photonmelodies -Muv-Luv Supplement -Muv-Luv Altered Fable and lastly where the hell does "Total Eclipse" fit into all this madness... i mean should i just play Extra then Unlimited and then Alternative and not worry about the rest of the stuff there?
  3. Nah I actually started playing alternative as i didnt really know how to approach the series and desi informed me that i was being silly so i started the thread but that aside i was oddly captured by the story even though i was confused there was something very appealing about it and i actually played about 1hour in before it became abit much, but what confuses me is that the first muvluv seems like your eeryday slice of life but then i looked at alternative and it was this mecha completely different game entirely and got confused at how A became B XD
  4. I want to play the muvluv series but I cant get a grip of how i should play it, that is to say, what order of the games i play it in and which ones are eroge with H-scenes (because yes it matters!) and i got all confused as theres all sorts of reality changing shit and whatnot but i am curious to which ones are more romance based, i.e you choose and girl and do the whole fall in love crap and which are just stories without the romance part (as even though it doesnt really appeal to me, i think im going to find the story so good im going to have to play them anyways). Thanks in Advance!
  5. Ah, my dream too.... but if its anything like the anime there will be the manliest of tears when played XD and as for FA, yeah i figured as much, in 2014 it went up form like 60-80% done so i was like he has to finish it now but then he disappeared under mysterious circumstances *insert dramatic sound effect here* and yeah thats basically dead until someone picks it up which is becoming more and more unlikely
  6. Haha Sofie from harem party, she wasn't that annoying at all! and nanami is annoying cute so its hardly intolerable, so far no ones mentioned any sorta crazy annoying characters and lets just establish ALL PROTAGONISTS ARE ANNOYING!!! i mean more so than any of the girls as for some reason theyre all blithering idiots XD
  7. I mean when i started playing visual novels some 3 years ago there were two i really wanted to play, tayutama and fortune arterial, i didnt think tayutama was even recognised as no one seemed to talk about it, and i didnt see anything about a translation so i gave up and even to this day im in denial about fortune arterial's translation, i think i made a post about it like a year ago but basically, i think those projects are just nonexistant, unless anyone knows something i dont (
  8. No way, even Chinami had a somewhat charming side, though her voice did get to me every now and then, not too dis-similar to yuno from mirainikki, but still didnt make me want to punch my screen! haha but indeed worthy candidate! and as to matoko, he was just a blithering idiot, i mean most protagonists are painful to watch anyways XD
  9. Hey guys, Now i know this is strange but if anyone has ever played the VN Koi iro Chu! Lips! (which is a nice light hearted read and i recommend it to anyone even just to get a grasp on how annoying this chick is), one of the girls, Misaki's, route has a girl who is basically next to her being an absolute bitch 24/7 and omg shes so fucking annoying that i had to make a post. in all my years of watching anime, reading manga and playing visual novels none have got on my nerves as much as this chick, not the crazy lolli's, the even crazier yanderes and even the highest of pitched voice actors
  10. ahh, don't you worry, they have the full intention to finish the TL and they are good with keeping everyone in the know, posting progress updates every month, there was huge hype for it being finished xmas 2014 but it still had some editing and QC'ing to do but as its summer i would like to think that theres not all that much left to do in the grand scheme and they *SHOULD* be able to finish it before the end of summer and if not, at least they are still making monthly progress, not much granted .....but they are making progress :/
  11. I mean, considering the progress they have made with the editing and the QC in the past 6 months is such a small amount and I'm not saying I can do better what so ever (and I respect them for putting in the work for all of us who want the game including me), but not much progress is being made, imo it should have released by now but considering they were almost done with the editing and translation when you posted this and now they haven't really progressed all that significantly considering the amount of time since, I wouldn't expect it coming out any time soon..
  12. Thanks guys, this should do for now, im checking out Dear drops, an overdrive title, Osananajimi wa Daitouryou and Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru i did look at the others but i wasnt a huge fan, and as to muv luv, i did try alternative but i was alittle confused and the character models sorta annoyed me so i stopped :/ as to majikoi S! im waiting on that, good news to hear it had finally been picked up and i had also backed the grisaia trilogy, just waiting on it is all XD Cheers, if anyone has anymore suggestions please drop a post as im always looking for something to play!!
  13. So ive looked around at some of the other recommendation posts but couldn't find much to my interest. im looking for a new vn to play one that has a "modern art style" (like majikoi or grisaia) or atleast one where the characters have "rounder" proportions opposed to the older squareish style of drawing...... that is a romance with sex scenes and ofc translated into english, preferably comedy/at least lighter hearted - but am open to suggestions. a good points of reference is Princess evangile, Majikoi(which was my fav) or even something like grisaia no kajitsu. Heres a list of what ive pla
  14. wow guys, ty for all of the suggestions, it looks like i have abunch to play now, cheers for all of these i think im gonna start with deardrops Once again ty all!
  15. I commend you to what you are doing, as i cant really help you id just like to wish you the best of luck and look forward to getting my hands on it
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