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  1. Think i heard her mentioned in da capo 2 is she in it if so does she have a route or at least a h-scene?
  2. Anyone know some good games with harem endings/routes and something that has good art to it too
  3. awesome glad this came so fast XD
  4. Just wondering if the game had routes,different endings or anything case im not seeing any choices at all and ive been playing for awhile-thank you
  5. i love nitroplus they have amazing story and the graphics and menu have a nice feel to it especially in saya no uta
  6. is it cracked sounded like it was in the comments but wanted to make sure
  7. Whats your fave music youve heard from a h-scene heres mine ;D
  8. What are your thoughts on persona 4? I tried persona 3 got a bit bored story took too long to pickup
  9. ohhh kikokugai sounds good thanks ^_^
  10. anyone know of any translated nitroplus games like saya no uta, demonbane etc
  11. Anyone know the name of the song when yamato is dyeing in the hospital?
  12. i felt the game was too easy i remember the dmc games having crazy hack n slash fun and offering a good challenge especially with the dmc 3 bosses but dmc was just meh i didnt even have to try with the last bosses but still trying to put up big combos was fun
  13. sites where you can purchase and get updates about new anime,game related figurines,and wallpapers
  14. Not sure where to put this but i saw this game wasnt on here so here it is the translation-https://mega.co.nz/#!d59iHaIQ!Gg6g7bS8b1357K4PJ_Zl00YFa5UotsnyquJhJji-52Q and the actual game NyaaTorrents >> ?girlcelly? [101029] [sprite] ??????????? ??????? + Bonus + Tokuten + Original Soundtrack + Update [serial + No DVD Patch is included] [Request] [H-Game + HCG] all but 1 route is translated
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