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  1. darkness0109


    finally, completed the game understanding half of it, but now it real, a full patch?
  2. darkness0109


    since you didn't read ivan's post, yes this upload is +18 version, trust admin (since she or he uploaded it)
  3. darkness0109


    i did at least support the creator a bit, would be nice to have a patch only link or can i get the patch from this upload? since i don't really need the game 2 times on my PC ^^
  4. darkness0109


    this game has Japanese voices acting and has both Japanese and English text at the same time (optional in setting), the only thing i dislike is that you need to pay DLC +18 for the steam version
  5. darkness0109

    Aselia the Eternal

    so it's a (lame) port of the psp version with censor, if a got it right
  6. darkness0109

    Bunny Black 2

    the patch isn't really complet, some bug can occur, post the here if you found some, it would help them fixe it Seiha Translations - View topic - Bunny Black 2 Patch and Issue Reporting Thread
  7. darkness0109


    wait, they mess up grammar in a English release lol
  8. darkness0109


    seem like a copies of sunrider academy, with all stats and stress managements (an other hardcore novel but all age)
  9. darkness0109

    Gadget Trial

    did you run it with region setting JP?
  10. it's a ecchi anime to begin with, so no H-scene
  11. well she don't really stand out with her "a lots of thing happened" and don't have must stream time since when did Ruby had to tsukune's harem?
  12. only played 3 days (in-game) and some mini-game so far, but since it's named fan translated and not partial, i think so even mini-game rule are translated, a great job done by the team only sad point not fully voiced
  13. seem so, surely Moka(vampire),Kurumu(sucubus),Yukari(witch),Mizore(ice-woman) [the main series heroine] and not sure Kotori(?) who seek Tsukune's help, all to win the Miss Yokai Academy Contest with a magic book(that can grant any wish) as price
  14. it's an HD remake, since the animated version was different for the original game (character art)
  15. darkness0109

    Gadget Trial

    no H-scene in it, plain tactical game
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