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  1. Only took them about 8 months. Hope this one is better than the last one, Yuuji's story was a fun read, but all the other fillers just rot my brain.
  2. So, I bought the first one and liked it a lot, but the second one was a huge ass disappointment, felt like a eroge instead of a VN. Anyone know if Vol 3 goes back to Vol 1 Quality or still Eroge?
  3. Well, that fixed it... Strange... Must have been the translator then, he might have forgotten about that.
  4. In regards to Hatsukoi, why the fuck is the log White on a White Background O.o. Is this the fault of the translator or were the devs really that dumb?
  5. Considering none of them have shown sign of life, but maybe you are right and this just won't be Project #372 that goes into permanent Hiatus.
  6. Good. The way the scenario layout is, it looks like 2 things could be revealed, seems that is not the case.
  7. RIP Eroge Games Update. Last update of theirs on Facebook was close to 3 months ago, status didn't change in the slightest, even though they said they partnered with LunaTL, there is nothing on their part to indicate so.
  8. Question. Is Yuuji's past the only thing in Labyrinth worth reading? The continuation of the stories are all fine and dandy. But after I finished reading Yuuji's past, I won't miss anything uninstalling the game right?
  9. Hey, good enough for me, feels like playing on an emulator. And this actually gave me a great idea, one of the reasons I wasn't all the hot for Disgaea for PC was how slow the turn based game would be, but if my PC can handle upping the speed of the port, yay. On a side note, I found the battle settings, during battle if you mouse the bottom part you will be able to select settings and change battle to fast and auto battle.
  10. About Rance VI, anyone know if it's possible to speed up the battle? Usually it's just pressing CTRL.
  11. Sorry, but I can not, since it's weird. It really DOES feel like it's two translators, one that types Loose instead of Lose and one that doesn't, since it happens in different instances throughout the VN. I'm only half way through the VN, so it's in the first half.
  12. Was there a change of translator mid project? The English got noticeably worse as it went on. It now says Loose instead of Lose and that is, in my opinion, one of the most idiotic grammatical mistakes there are.
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