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Found 11 results

  1. Did I missed something in the several years when I wasn here, besides the annoying ads, I certainly do not miss those
  2. Does anyone know the game that picks up right after the ending of Alternative? I mean when Takeru goes back to his own timeline and the setting of Muv luv extra.
  3. One day I was playing the game and the text just disappeared. I can progress the game but no words are in the text box. I can see them just fine in the back log though.
  4. I found this series by accident a while back and recently got back into because of the english release of 3. Since 2 isn't translated, I looked up what happens in it and found that Marina starts to develop feelings for the AV guy in the 2nd one. This made me really curious regarding the context around that. Was she about to leave her husband for him? If the AV guy had similar feelings would she have started something with him or did she love her husband enough to want to take a step back? I know this question is out of left field, but my curiosity is burning and won't stop until I get a clear
  5. A simulation game released back in 2017 that looks fun. Haven't been able to find it though
  6. Rance 7 and 8 are going to be localized by mangagamer . Kenshin-Chan is back!!!
  7. So, I bought the first one and liked it a lot, but the second one was a huge ass disappointment, felt like a eroge instead of a VN. Anyone know if Vol 3 goes back to Vol 1 Quality or still Eroge?
  8. VNDB - https://vndb.org/v18428 Just got released few days back on Steam. I am waiting for someone to upload this. Thanks in advance.
  9. [REQ] Star Platinum The current request thread for it links to an old hshare link that doesn't work. I've looked a few other places and have only found bad links or dead torrents. I'll continue to look, but I'll leave this request up OLD: Hi, I've been looking all over for a game I played back in around 1998 or so. It was a visual novel, but featured 'battles' that were like playing mahjong (not the match 2 then remove kind). It also didn't have (to the best of my recollection) standard mahjong tiles. IIRC the title screen was silver? And I wanted to say it has something to do with
  10. I'd like to request three VNs: "Flowers ~Le Volume sur Printemps~", "Hatsuyuki Sakura", and "Back Stage". Thanks a bunch in advance!
  11. Apologies if this is similar to the other thread I posted, my taste is really quite broad .....as long as it involved me being submissive (and loving it) Monster girls, vampires Succubi (though I personally prefer them to suck blood), futa... shota... Just any stories out there that you know of? Even better if it has a decent plot and love-story (Hey, an SnM relationship can be as loving as any other - just ask my fiance). The holy grail for me though would be a game where i can willingly submit to someone (as I mention before, as long they're female-ish or cute as hell im game. M
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