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  1. Hi the studio owner here thanks for the collective interest in wanting to play my studios TsukiWare game regardless of how you get it we've been informed there is a bug with the text log system (accessibility by scrolling up) that one of the character portraits don't appear in it properly we'l be fixing that soon if you change your minds about obtaining it in the future mg is the best place for us to get a good cut out of it. & follow us would you kindly on twitter ?Ware (@TsukiWare) on Twitter
  2. http://lupiesoft.com/TheRejectDemon/img/topBannerImage.jpg Hey its been a while a few of you may recall that I made a post some 6 or more months ago about Lupiesoft works in general. Thou today I'm here to just encourage you to give a little nod over to our new steam release. In the title of the game The Reject Demon: Toko its available for as little as 5 Usd or £3.99 depending on where your at. Its a Kinetic visual novel with about 2 hours of reading time. If we manage to raise enough funds from the sale of the title we'll either be able to afford a voice acting cast or be able
  3. Lupiesoft is currently hiring an additional writer for both Dizzy Hearts and The Menagerie this is a paid role applications are open until the 28th of august go get em. http://lupiesoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Sabei-sm.png
  4. Hey guys little news update today Mangagamer released these links to their blog & main page regarding The Menagerie Please check out at your leisure ^-^ MangaGamer Staff Blog » Blog Archive » Announcing The Menagerie! http://www.mangagamer.com/detail.php?product_code=121
  5. http://lupiesoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Alabast-carousel.png Hi fellow Eroge fans I'm a member of Lupiesoft We produce English Visual Novels of an Eroge & safe for steam variety but that doesn't mean SFW titles don't address adult discussion. We're not far from release with the title due before the end of this fall. If your interested in Elves & Yuri & Futanari content then we've got it all The title will be available to purchase on MangaGamer who announced it on their blog not long ago. http://www.mangagamer.c
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