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    Thank you so much for this. After watching a couple episodes of the anime version online I did a little research and found that this was by the same creator of the Grisiai series! And ever since I've been looking forward to playing it . Thanks again.
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    Hitomi - My Stepsister

    Just finished installing and got the VMLaunch folder. I'm not really sure which one is the application but all of them seem to be not working yet I'm able to see a play button but after I click it nothing happens. The application VMLaunch is giving me an error messeage that states :Failure to acquire information to execute application. Error Code 0x00010004. Then there is the VMLID which is I presume for admins only for it asks for a Username and Password. Another application VMregDrv is just popping up a small black screen and then going away. Then lastly the VMWatch application doesn'
  3. Would anyone happen to know what the activation code for this game is? If so I'd greatly appreciate it, thank you.
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