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  1. The idea with going with JAST is that they used to sell many times more copies of all of their games than MangaGamer did (and probably still do), which likely made them more attractive. But then JAST decided to release just two games a year and welp.
  2. You do not already have a translation of Himawari, this is the only English translation for it to ever exist. So, in the version we got, the sex scenes are still mostly present. They cut out the pointless moaning and they removed the explicit CGs, but everything actually important that happens in those scenes still happen, including the fact that they have sex. There cannot be an 18+ patch because there is entirely new art and some altered scenes and such, compared to the original 18+ version. For what it's worth, the original author considers this to be the superior version of the game
  3. Loe of Loe Quality Translations, the guy who translated a bunch of preggo nukige, believe it or not.
  4. They're still neck-deep in the porting process for DC3 so no release date yet.
  5. TLWiki didn't really drop the translation, those same people are working for SP on the translation now. There's a decent amount of additional content they have to translate and Koestl, the translator, also seems busy with his recently announced MangaGamer project. SP said since before the all-ages version's release that it would take around three months for the 18+ version to come out, and this is turning out to be the case. They're not blaming anyone else for the postponement of the Meikyuu 18+ version. It's in translation and the translation, tech work, and testing will take a few mo
  6. That's like cleaning a pile of shit so it's slightly less smelly. It's still shit. They are.
  7. I posted a short excerpt and analysis here: Muv Luv: A Pretty Sweet Visual Novel Series Kickstarter [MILLION DOLLAR BABY] - Page 28 - Visual Novel Talk - Fuwanovel Forums It is drastically better. The old script was weak and tediously dull, never even a little funny. The new translation is way funnier, while also being much more accurate.
  8. And Muv Luv is now out on Steam. No news on the 18+ patch yet. The translation seems WAY better from what I've seen.
  9. Kickstarter has a way of pressuring you into doing things you would never otherwise consider. With G-Senjou, they were going to be able to sell it on Steam either way. With Sharin no Kuni, its future rides on its Kickstarter success and they don't want to risk alienating too many potential backers.
  10. That's true for translation effort alone, but Peter Payne, owner of JAST, has argued that gameplay titles take a lot more programming and testing effort, and ultimately cost more and takes more time to produce than non-gameplay titles. To the point where he seems reluctant to license any more gameplay titles from now on. This issue might have been exasperated by JAST's completely screwed up managerial setup, making everything way less effecient than it should be. MangaGamer has said the opposite, where gameplay titles tend to do very well for them (although they've only ever released simple
  11. One of the problem is that Hoshimemo is not "perfectly translated," it's actually translated rather poorly and is heavily criticized within the community for this. Eushully aren't interested in releasing their games in English otherwise that would have already happened. You need cooperation with the original publishers as well to license games for translation, you know.
  12. Do we really have to ask this about every Steam release? Don't you know the Steam rules by now? Pornographic content isn't allowed on Steam. The Labyrinth release is a port of the Vita version, and seems incorporate the changes Frontwing made to release it on the Vita exactly. 18+ version is being officially released later. Like a month or more later. In the time it will take you to make a restoration patch, it will already be done by SP.
  13. Note that even though it's a "trial," it's still a fifth of the game and thus 10+ hours long. And I guess it has a pretty concrete plot arc? And the translation is actually halfway decent?? The CSG english release not being awful is the biggest surprise of the year.
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