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  1. I first got it for the porn, but by the end I was actually getting into the story a little bit~
  2. Been a pretty good week! Machine Child looks interesting, though I question if we will actually ever see it. In hindsight, you've been stuck with updating this thing for a long time now Pasa - The others no longer kicking around? Eitherway, thanks for putting it together.
  3. Sounds like it's just the first one for now, with S and the A series not in the plans. So unless they can somehow track down Takajun, I suspect they'll start from scratch. Or actually didn't someone else finish up the TL with Miyakos route at some point? They might reach out to them.
  4. Really happy about Evenicle, it almost balances out the salt I feel about the fantls selling out.
  5. That's actually pretty clever, they've def. been watching Steam user behavior then. Doesn't matter how long a VN is, if it's over a certain price on Steam - most users bitch, not understanding the value. By splitting it up (and I assuming keep cost somewhat reasonable), likely to get more fish to bite.
  6. Not really in the mood to read through a VN, but on the other hand I was really looking forward to Himawari... decisions, decisions
  7. Dead and gone for a while now, sadly. I know a team tried to pick it up after Takajun disappeared - but they didn't seem to last very long iir.
  8. It's likely more to do with Frontwing dragging their ass on their side of things - just look at the delays Himawari went through becuase FW took forever to do w/e it is MG needed them to do. Oh well, as was previously mentioned - best way to wait is to not wait at all; just push it from your mind for noe.
  9. It's likely one of the largest titles they've TL'd. In other news, sounds like Libra's release date got pushed back to march or so next year.
  10. I'm impressed tbh, considering just how much of a clusterfuck their funding campaign ended up being. Tempted to get it but I question the TL quality.
  11. Always happy to see more progress made on YnS. Beyond that, guess I'm looking forward to Jast working on the adult content for Eiyuu*Senki. Wonder if they are using Fruitbat factorys' Tl for the large portion of it?
  12. I wonder what kind of reception the slice-of-life part of Muvluv will have - it's pretty bad (or maybe its just me that never could stand it). If I was Degica, I'd be a bit concerned about hype and sales dropping after the mainstream(normies) crowd gets a taste of it, without understanding the real strength of Muv Luv comes during Alternative.
  13. In honor of her birthday (Shamelessly ripped from twitter.)
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