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  1. By forcing victim to choose between suicide and something they would consider much worse, duh. You could say it's a murder, but it's a murder by forced suicide (in layman's terms, at least).
  2. That's one massive spam attack you got here, you might wanna clean up forum.
  3. Try iqdb.org, saucenao.com and/or ascii2d.net. Those are usually better choices when it comes to VN CG reverse search. If those and Google fail, Yandex may be surprisingly of use. As for image itself, it's from Ren'ai, Karichaimashita.
  4. There is this page, looks legit, but i'm not sure. Maybe they changed URL (i think it's possible on Facebook)? According to this page, last update was in June (unless there's more info on Discord).
  5. Bet napoleon is enjoying his Christmas gift from Fakku, hehe.
  6. What happened to other five volumes of Angel Beats though? Were sales bad or something?
  7. @napoleon Well, it missed the season, maybe it won't miss a year Yup, my memory didn't fail me - a third Loca Love part was in the plans. Still not sure why it was missing from VNDB, but oh well.
  8. Strange, it works for me. Stealth release from NekoMiko devs - NinNinDays.
  9. @Outpost Omega J Use reverse image search, Luke. Google, IQDB, SauceNAO, Ascii2d, Yandex. Well, not that i'm against the suggestion or anything. This one is "I Walk Among Zombies Volume 2", btw.
  10. Okay, i'll hold off on commenting about this until there's some info, but wasn't there three parts planned for Loca Love (with Shizuki Yachiyo being last heroine)? Or is it my memory playing tricks on me? There are only two parts on VNDB now/currently. Must be latter, i guess, else i'd had it on my wishlist and would have been notified if it was removed.
  11. Hello Hybrid Being!


    We have a discord server for erogegames.com we'd like you join if you get a chance! We mostly discuss anime, visual novels, manga and games. You can find us at Erogegames.com

  12. "Secret projects are secretly progressing" © Doddler
  13. Well, i didn't quite expect that, but it seems Moenovel is going to port Konosora Cruise Sign's exclusive Akari route to PC as DLC. Which is, you gotta admit, a pretty darn good move in itself (backporting console content to PC that is), although, as usual, the translation quality or censorship maneuvers are a different story.
  14. Sweet Jesus, it's really out. I wonder if we'll see the repeat of the Yoake drama. You might want to fix the link, though.
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