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    Amorous Professor Cherry

    sorry it was a random site i found when doing a search for the game! came with about 85% completion save file! after a quick search i came up with a promising site! has several locations you can get it from if you still need it. try this site... [English] [G-Collections] Amorous Professor Cherry [ENGLISH + 100%]
  2. cpt valor

    Sakura Santa

    there are no nips or vag, so since its not hardcore sex its not really an adult title. there may be lots of boobies and buts everywhere but nothing too bad! technically you could play this with parents or kids around, but lets face it its a NSFW game! i wouldn't want my parents or my kids to watch me play this game!
  3. so i havent downloaded this one yet but from the other comments it sounds like this needs another program installed to run. is that true? do i need to install either pixel shader 2.0 or CCPP(whatever that is)? if this is the case i might just pass on this one. i hope thats not the case, but if someone could confirm or deny this it would be a great help!
  4. hmm... from the synopsis this sounds like it will be interesting! then there's the tag "high sexual content" which make this sound totally fap-worthy! could it be that we have a nukige with a story to go with it? guess i have no other choice but to check this one out!
  5. cpt valor

    Imouto Paradise!

    it was a long download but i just started playing this one and i gotta say it looks beautiful and so far it reminds me a lot of the anime! definitely worth the wait! i dont say it much but i think i have to for this one... thanks Ivan!!
  6. cpt valor

    Iinazuke wa Imouto-sama!

    theres nothing wrong with random sex! the addition of a good story is just icing on the cake! if a VN has one or the other you hope its a good title, but if a VN has both good H content and a good story... those are the truly great ones!
  7. cpt valor

    Sakura Swim Club

    no kidding! when did the sakura series start doing hentai? (with this title obviously... to answer my own stupid question!)
  8. cpt valor

    Iinazuke wa Imouto-sama!

    oh nice.. kawaii imoutos! gotta love little sister eroge!
  9. nice! ive seen the anime so i have to give this a shot and see what its like!
  10. cpt valor

    Lamento -Beyond the Void-

    the story sounds cool, but if i remember right yaoi = boys love right?! thats not really my thing so i might just pass on this title.
  11. cpt valor

    Amorous Professor Cherry

    yeah i checked that page before and it has useful info that i didnt know before but it didnt help me fix the issue with this file. i eventually just deleted this one and downloaded the game from a different site that contained a preloaded game where all i had to do was click and play! thanks anyway for tryin to help though!
  12. cpt valor


    hmm not sure about this one! it sound kinda... er.. depressing! (sorry, i know that was lame, but i honestly didnt know how else to describe my first impression)
  13. cpt valor

    Sakura Beach

    gotta love "boobie beach"! lol
  14. cpt valor

    Lilium x Triangle

    sounds good for those out there with a lesbian fetish... and the girls all look so cute too!
  15. really...? its out already!? oh awesome! i freakin loved neko para vol 1! this will tide me over until vol.2 comes out!
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