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  1. This is just a random rant from me. Got to the part yesterday where they show alternative world's sumika being raped by BETA. Honestly speaking, the whole thing was traumatic for me. The stuff with marimo-chan really shook me up, mainly when they killed her right after such a tearful reunion. And the beta rape just made things worse. It's not like I haven't seen anything like this before. Sakura suffered in a similar way in heaven's feel after all. But at least they had the decency not to give such vivid descriptions, images and sounds as they did in muv luv. Sumika is honestly my favorite her
  2. Thanks for all the replies Yes it does answer most of my questions. I moved on from torrents quite some time ago and currently ddl most things using a download manager, often anime from streaming sites as well. I guess my biggest question is if such ddls are safe or not.
  3. I'll be moving to USA in a month for university and this is something that has been bothering me for a while. Will it be safe to read manga online and download anime and VN's there? As far as I know using torrents is the biggest risk but what about DDL's. I'm from a third world country so I've been pirating stuff like crazy for a long time since no action is taken to stop it here. Although I do plan on subscribing to legal sites and buying whenever I can, its obviously not possible always. Especially for a student with limited funds. Which is why I'm asking here. To find out from people who al
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