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  1. sleepyboy

    Yosuga no Sora

    Game runs fine, the 'partial' translation eroge provided however is a joke. No bullshit download the most updated patch with the following routes being translated: Sora: 100% Nao: 78% Akira: 89% Kazuha: 100% Motoka: 32%) Common: 100% mediafire(dot)com(slash)download(slash)il3ci9a9bu98b82(slash)yns-150415.zip
  2. sleepyboy

    Hourglass of Summer

    I believe the game is all ages but h scenes can be added from what I've read I'm now beginning to download these parts and see for myself. I'll let you know what happens i.e. parts missing, poor translations, etc.
  3. sleepyboy

    Hourglass of Summer

    Questioning the lack of comments or really just reviews in general but reluctantly going to give this one a chance anyway.
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