• Purino Party

    Purino Party takes one part puzzle game, and one part visual novel - romancing cute girls included - and combines them for a laid-back yet addictive gameplay experience!

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    1. JangoTango1947's Avatar
      JangoTango1947 -
      Error crashes the game while playing with Sora. When she wants to show the old fashioned swimsuit: "Look, this is a picture of an old-fashioned swimsuit. " The game suddenly crashes with the warning "adv isn't working anymore."

      It is after the third puzzle with her.
    1. ServantOfLove's Avatar
      ServantOfLove -
      While i`m happy that they release an english game that features the characters of pure girl but don`t release an english version of either pure girl or the other game... wait... innocent girl was it i think. I will probably donīt donwload it right now and wait for the translated versions of both girls... sorry *games* was it. I already see myself waiting for an endless time... if someone thinks: just play them with some translationprogramms or something like that; I already am trying to play the games with several translationprogramms but it takes way too long for my taste to get the real context out of the gibberisch that comes out.
    1. dilbert's Avatar
      dilbert -
      I wouldn't hold out hope of any solution to the adv problem, Jango. I just requested a refund from Steam for this, since Frontwing's response when people brought the issue to their attention was "we couldn't replicate it, so therefore it doesn't exist."
    1. lucks993's Avatar
      lucks993 -
      what's the problem with this game? I would like to see opinions from this.
    1. KiritoCy's Avatar
      KiritoCy -
      Does anyone have a 100% save plz?
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