• Saya No Uta OST

    Article: Rance 2: The Rebellious Maidens-saya-no-uta-ost-jpg

    01. Schizophrenia
    02. Sabbath
    03. Seek
    04. Spooky Scape
    05. Song of Saya I
    06. Song of Saya II
    07. Sin
    08. Sunset
    09. Shapeshift
    10. Scare Shadow
    11. Scream
    12. Savage
    13. Silent Sorrow
    14. Song of Saya
    15. Shoes of Glass

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    1. Just playing's Avatar
      Just playing -
      i cant stop listening to them over and over

      Saya toke me to another world

    1. soulxeater's Avatar
      soulxeater -
      I finished the game and the sound track was so captivating that I played it a 2nd time...
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