• Virgin Island

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    In Virgin Island, you take control of Rifi, an adventurer girl who seeks out treasure as a way to make easy money. When this (admittedly stupid) get-rich-quick scheme fails and she ends up narrowly avoiding rape, Rifi gets thrown into a portal, through which she enters the temple of the Virgin Goddess, Nubera. When she awakens the sealed deity, Rifi somehow manages to strike a deal with her – the Goddess will grant her any wish, provided Rifi can unite the shattered pieces of her mythical Virgin Lithograph and restore Nubera’s power. To aid Rifi in her quest, Nubera grants her The Iron Maiden, a mythical sword that gives her a host of magical abilities contingent on Rifi keeping her chastity.

    Virgin Island - HCG
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    1. sora21345's Avatar
      sora21345 -
      is the sex scene translated
    1. charlbeef's Avatar
      charlbeef -
      99.99999% of stuff here is translated..
    1. kevenka's Avatar
      kevenka -
      Anyone else having trouble completing the dl? It keeps crashing on me
    1. Karen's Avatar
      Karen -
      any guide of this game? or save files? I wanna unlock the shouta path of this game but somehow it isn't working perfectly.
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