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  1. Hello Sora21345! We have a discord server where you can find many members at: Erogegames.com .Come by sometime and say hello!




  2. sora21345

    Honey Select Unlimited

    is there any story in the game
  3. sora21345

    Eiyuu*Senki (JAST)

    did not know a new patch was out so thank u for the link and helping with my problem
  4. sora21345

    Eiyuu*Senki (JAST)

    need help keep getting sintax error when trying to fight the pirates at their last base
  5. sora21345

    Eiyuu*Senki (JAST)

    is this game fully translated
  6. sora21345

    Killing Time

    is there a way o increase her lust
  7. sora21345

    Virgin Island

    is the sex scene translated
  8. can someone help me find this game with the English patch
  9. when i saw this i thought it was the adult version but it wasnt
  10. i wanna request this game to be translated in english
  11. Happy Birthday~!

  12. sora21345

    Lightning Warrior Raidy

    fuuuuuuuuuck man it wont let me download part 3
  13. i also got the game it wasnt that bad wish it was longer also dont know how to get the missing two pics in my gallary
  14. Can someone start translating majioki s again
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