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  1. Is your wife still beating you?

    1. charlbeef


      no lol. but reading these kinda makes me sad.
      i hope you're doing great pasa.

  2. Updated. now is a good time to update, since major changes have slowed down. change log: replaced link to recent vanilla base game with recent DLC and updates. added links to older updates and new updates that is not included in the base game yet. added more required plugins updated links to uncensor patch added link to a HUGE mod compilation added links to utility plugins updated install guide link that matches with this post. PSA for the following users
  3. Maitetsu - June 29th release time for the undead to rejoice.. time to play once again
  4. my reaction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EAU8vh5Okg
  5. on an unrelated note. has admin updated hatsukoi 1/1. 2 of 3 DLC's got translated. they released the patch in this post
  6. a yes. nothing beats gore. makes me want to turn vegan.. but then again i love meat. lmao the topic is all over the place. but this is better(?) i guess. the most important part is... maitetsu having progress... and i walk among zombies
  7. like these 3: one two three but the worst one iv'e seen is
  8. Charlbeef you motherf+er! Send me a message sometime will ya? I'm losing 5 to 10 minutes of sleep every week worryin' about ya! Also I'm doing this on a visitor message cuz ya PM inbox is full. Clean ya messages out ya dirty boy.

  9. Added links: female uncensor patch male demosaic Modding Requirements Miscellaneous Mods also added Modding instructions gameplay screenshots
  10. update!! removed torrent link 1 and 2 removed google drive link Q: why replace the old links? A: Because those, don't get updated.. and for uniformity. so everyone in the net is using the same files added a better pre-patched version torrent link. (this contains vanilla game + recent updates.) added a update mega link. (all updates that get released will be added here. if the update is not included in the torrent, get them here) pre-patched version torrent link gets updated on intervals, to include the missing updates and paid contents update mega link contains all the game u
  11. Recommended Patches Translation Patches: some of them requires the others installed 1st so here is the suggested install order. 1 - BepInEx v3.1 and XUnity.AutoTranslator - 2 - BepIsPlugins r3 - Translation Loader 3 - Partial English Patch by FriendlySky Requires: Bepinex (don't use other names, only base boy #1's name. or it wont work.) 4 - All-in-1 English Launcher 5 - main menu Translation - Requires Update: Koikatu_02plus_cdpb0501 installed. Decensor patches: uncensor Female Demosaic - Installation: Koikatsu\BepInEx Male white dick (turns your dick wh
  12. Modding Requirement: IPA v3.3 - Illusion Plugin Architecture - Video Guide (without this, mods won't work. or probably cause problems) ! please install modding requirement above before installing mods ! Mod Download: Miscellaneous Mods Download
  13. [illusion] Koikatu (コイカツ!) About: Koikatu is a game from a company called Illusion, a company specializing in 3D PORN games. they have been making 3d porn games since 1997, and is one, if not the best in the business. one of their more recent games are -honey-select-download/"]Honey Select, -play-home-download-english-patch/"]PlayHome some people are even going as far as saying that this is Artificial Academy 3 under a different name. Gameplay you play as the sole male in the school and play as the president of koikatsu club, whose purpose is to help girls get used to
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