• Asphyxia

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    Samantha is depressed. Sheís been depressed for a long time, almost as long as she can remember, but itís slowly been getting worse. She thought Lillian was her friend, her best friend. Perhaps she even thought of her as more than that. Why, then, did their relationship have to fall apart? Was it really her fault? She didnít do anything wrong. At least, she didnít intend to. Now, three months later, Samantha finally has her chance. Forced together on their geography field trip to the Lake District, will she finally be able to repair her relationship with Lillian Ė or will it collapse all over again?

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    1. cpt valor's Avatar
      cpt valor -
      hmm not sure about this one! it sound kinda... er.. depressing! (sorry, i know that was lame, but i honestly didnt know how else to describe my first impression)
    1. Just playing's Avatar
      Just playing -
      basically a love between girls before gay marriage becoming legal ( sad indeed )
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