• Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls!

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    Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! is the sequel to the popular slice-of-life adventure game Cherry Tree High Comedy Club by developer 773, and picks up the story where Cherry Tree High Comedy Club left off, but this time as a kinetic (single story branch) visual novel and adds new areas, new music, and three new characters to the roster!

    Now that Mairu and friends have successfully re-opened the club, they actually need to act like a club! Mairuís nemesis Chitose hasnít given up on closing them down just yet, so theyíll need to be careful! But Chitose isnít the only problem that Mairu and friends have to face... A rival club is competing for the spot of number one entertainment club, and a new transfer student will forever affect the Comedy Club line-up!

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      Thank you very much! ^^ This is why I love you! #NoHomo
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      First noted on 16/03/2015
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      when music is love
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      Quote Originally Posted by Rance Petersen View Post
      First noted on 16/03/2015
      Thank you.
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      Are you guys able to play this game? Everytime i try to exec game app, it just won't start =.=
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