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I figure if there is a group dedicated solely to tomoyo then there can be a group dedicated to my favorite heroine Yuuko. So if you had your heart strings snatched by this heroine's tale this is the place for you.
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  2. nah.... Yuuko were like my #12... im truly blessed if i got a real life Tomoyo and Meiya~~
  3. Welcome Ultimecea! There are so many groups here but only one that is dedicated to Yuuko so rejoice for you are one the blessed!
  4. i dont have to intro myself much.. since most people do know me.. and yes....im the one that dedicated a group for TOMOYO~~ and there's always beloved SUMIKA too...
  5. Hello! My final thoughts about Ef is that it contains one of the most emotional stories that I've ever experienced (edit: SO FAR ), and that it is in fact all thanks to Yuuko. I will not forget this story or its ending. So there you go.
  6. Hmmm.... My final impression was that Ef was amazing. It had its weak points to be honest, but the overall story was nothing short of a work of art. My final impression of Yuuko well.... I'm sure my avatar kind of gives my opinion of her away.
  7. Hey everyone! My favorite anime is code geass and my favorite VN is Ever 17. My favorite heroine though will always be Yuuko from Ef. Hope we will get along well and hopefully get some more members in the future as well.
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