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  1. If you send someone a PM that person receives a shout from you(the system) saying there is a PM.

    Since you prolly send 100 PM's you got 100 shouts :p

  2. What the!? I didn't even know that happened. :p I guess there's no hiding the fact that I 'm lurking around here in the shadows now. lol

  3. What the!? I didn't even know that happened. :p I guess there's no hiding the fact that I'm lurking around here in the shadows now. lol

  4. Yo Someguy,

    Congratz with your 100 shouts :p



  5. Higurashi (retranslation) showing progress. Good times, good times
  6. Well I'll be the first and give a few of my recommendations Your list-I can only comment on two at the moment: Steins;Gate (JAST)-Well actually I haven't read the most recent version so I can only really comment on one but the novel itself is pretty good I think. It is a solid sci-fi/mystery/adventure plot but it has some cool twists along the way. Music is pretty good and artwork is actually really unique and cool too. Do You Like Horny Bunnies?-It isn't bad but not great. It is kind of similar to Sagara family, at least I thought so, but the plot was less interesting. Although I
  7. Well for anyone that might be interested in this hopeless fans opinions on VNs and anime check out my new blog at The Other Side of Anime. There is not much content at the moment though, with Umineko being freakishly long and occupying most of my free time, but once I finish with it there should be a lot more content popping up. I'll be adding some of the Anime and Manga I liked as well as updating my Umineko adventure periodically so if anyone is interested it is there.

  8. Hey guys, this is just a shameless plug for my new blog that I created. The content is limited at the moment but I am slowly adding more to it as time permits and will try and add some other things besides VNs such as Anime and even some manga depending on how things go. Umineko is what I am reading currently though so there will probably be quite a few posts about that for the forseeable future. If you like it that is cool and if not any feedback would be appreciated as this is all a new learning experience for me at the moment. I'm hoping to expand on this idea in the future and make som
  9. Well I guess my collection just got a little bigger. Hehe
  10. you do. Not in order per say but all of them.
  11. Do you mean this one from MGQ2? Or this one? Either way I thought that whole last bit was really moving. It was the scene where I realized that I actually cared about the characters and what happened to them despite the games premise. Never saw that coming.
  12. Steam version always resonated with me the most but the other versions are all equally well done. [video=youtube;Knd4oW-RpbU]
  13. I'm 3 behind you at the moment but I'm slowly pressing forward. Umineko ep3
  14. I've watched Air and Amnesia and I thought they were pretty good too. Have you seen any of these anime by chance: Ergo Proxy Darker Than Black Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom Claymore Blood+ They are all fairly dark but I thought they were pretty good.
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