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Group that admires Ryukishi/07th Expansion and the titles they produced: The opinions on the art might be divided, but the scenarios are always genius! Moderated because of possible trolls.... (obviously) Don't post spoiler-pics!
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  2. 1. discolor 2. deadangle 3. final answer [video=youtube;Zq-HbOF1xvI] Unusual choices? Maybe, but a bit of an unusual choice is probably more fun, hehehe Discolor because the scene somehow really hit me and I keep coming back to that track. Deadangle because it describes for me the admosphere of 1-4. Final answer because it's just awesome.
  3. Need more topics for this group favorite OST from any 07th game though I assume most will be Umineko anyway. Umineko episode 2
  4. in my opinion 1-5 and 5-8 were almost equally splendid, but Erika, Featerine, Dlanor etc... and a some amazing parts (ending ep.5, tea party ep.6, TEA PARTY EP.7, and many parts of ep.8) made Chiru my favorite I think
  5. Gonna be a while, Rose Guns Days isnt done and I believe he stated he wants to take a break from when they cry........one day.....one day.............
  6. I think it goes without saying now, but whatever: Umineko (Chiru) really did end up being the very best. So, When They Cry was an ever improving experience after all even though it started out fantastic in arc 1 of Higurashi. You better believe that I wasn't sure that it would end up this way back when I had just finished all of Higurashi. But here we are. So: #1 Umineko Chiru, #2 Umineko Ni, #3 Higurashi Kai, #4 Higurashi Ni. ... And now to wait for the next When They Cry masterpiece while reading Higanbana+Rose Guns Days at some point.
  7. The reason why Rose Guns Days sprites look nicer is because Ryukishi now has money to pay people so Jirō Suzuki, Sōichirō and Yaeko Ninagawa (copy paste from Wikipedia) also worked on sprites for the game as well as Ryukishi worked on a few himself.
  8. yep, I understand! It's kinda large, especially when you don't have fast interwebs... Finished downloading it myself, can say it's def worth it, haha!
  9. and the patch is mindlessly raping my internet connection, damn those 6 GB worth of art..
  10. aaand, it's out! You didn't have to wait long! And to Battler: Replay it dammit! Glorious art is waiting for you
  11. uhuhu, thanks for inviting me to this group~ well, i can't believe that Rose Guns Days came from 07th Expansion, i mean look at those character sprites.. OAO but yeah, i know i can't condemn about it, i've only read Umineko and i love it, and planning to read the rest of the 07th Expansion release~ for now, waiting for UmiTweak patch for Umineko Chiru Arc
  12. I will def say that Higanbana and Rose Guns Days will not be better than Higurashi or Umineko. But I really do like Higanbana quite a bit.
  13. well, I'm not sure if it'll be the best, but we'll see I guess. If it's between the other 4 I'm happy
  14. Weeeeeeell, suffice it to say, Umineko Ni is my favourite now so far. It feels kinda weird to say that though because I fucking love Higurashi... geez. But yea it's still true. Umineko Ni was better than Higurashi Ni & Kai for me on *most* points. Will Chiru be EVEN BETTER? I hope so. If it is, then this has been an ever improving experience for me. From Higu Ni -> Higu Kai -> Umi Ni -> Umi Chiru... and that is funny, because the very first hour of Higurashi Ni was enough to get me completely hooked. It's VN bliss I tell ya.
  15. Yea, that's true... Well I for one do love everything so far in Higurashi, that's for sure. ^^ It fits my preferences perfectly more or less. But as for Ni VS Kai - it'll depend on arc 7 and 8 I suppose. Still reading it! The music in Kai is better anyway in general, but the arcs in Ni are certainly very excellent (2+3 especially), soooo... we'll see how 7 and 8 stacks up to the rest.
  16. Well to be fair also some people might enjoy Higurashi Ni rather than Kai or Umineko rather than Chiru. Though some people might love everything
  17. Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni - Dai Ichi Ya < Higanbana, battler found pretty good I believe... and soon.tm: Rose gun days;)
  18. Besides umineko and higurashi what others 07 games are worth mentioning? I`ve got some free time lately so a nice vn would be appreciated
  19. Well the people who dislike it are very vocal about it compared to the people who like it. I will say that, when you finish it you can look on many MANY forums and see for yourself (I hope we are talking about Chiru)
  20. yep indeed, people 'hated' remember11/KNS too for the same reasons I SUSPECT (do not confirm/deny me please) sooooooo.... It'll be probably be fine;)
  21. haha, that makes me happy to know;) hope it will be the same for me!
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