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  1. okay, what's the difference between this and the other ones?
  2. Kirai Aizuren

    Princess Evangile

    when MangaGamer decided to localize it
  3. Kirai Aizuren

    Sakura Angels

    oh boi, another cock teaser VN that doesn't have actual H scene again
  4. oh, this is like NekoPara seeing all the specs
  5. Kirai Aizuren

    Princess Evangile

    ahh, finally finished with this, had a great laugh during the common route, and when you enter specific heroine's route, the atmosphere changed pretty quickly anyway, great romcom VN imo (yeah, eventho some of it is cliche) i really need more VNs like this
  6. Kirai Aizuren

    Purin to Ohuro

    oh, did i see Shimakaze's outfit there? i would be funny if there's a mod for Prinz Eugen one coz the way you pronounce Prinz in JP is Purin (it can also mean Pudding)
  7. Kirai Aizuren

    Valkyrie Svia

    as always, fast release 39 admin~ :3
  8. Happy Birthday.

  9. this da prequel
  10. so, you just copy and paste the eng patch?
  11. Kirai Aizuren

    Yumina the Ethereal

    all heil the Internet~
  12. Kirai Aizuren

    Yumina the Ethereal

    good~ :3 all heil piracy~
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