• Demon Master Chris

    There is more than one world. Long ago, humanity learned of the existence of other worlds and researched methodes to borrow their power. Now, even in our modern, technologically-advanced society, there are those who are able to reach out to beings from other worlds and fight alongside them, Saiga Chris is one such conjurer.

    An orthodox 3d Ero RPG with a speedy battle system, simple controls, and wide screen display! Escape from another world while stripping and befriending monstergirls!

    Demon Master Chris English game download:

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    1. mechgouki's Avatar
      mechgouki -
      Is there an uncracked/installer version for Demon Master Chris?

      Most of the M@ng@g@mer games I got from Ivan are full installers, with crack provided later.

      This one already seems post-cracked.

      Is there an uncracked or a full installer version? I would like one as close to the original download file as possible.
    1. Pasa's Avatar
      Pasa -
      Nice game i like it.
    1. raijin's Avatar
      raijin -
      Woohooo. thanks a lot
      Downloading now XD
    1. HAREMKINGJAKE's Avatar
      female protagonist? pass
    1. Yagami's Avatar
      Yagami -
      Quote Originally Posted by HAREMKINGJAKE View Post
      female protagonist? pass
      U're gay u.u
    1. GenjiChan's Avatar
      GenjiChan -
      You know... I don't like yuri... but Eroge Yuri is different. This is stripping with comedy.... that is something I like.^^
    1. claws's Avatar
      claws -
      Quote Originally Posted by Yagami View Post
      U're gay u.u
      well thing is... some people just want to see a guy fucking a girl hard it dosn't even have to be rape and famdom is also welcome to some extend it's just that we need to see that sweet pussy being pounded... this can explain why i am all for 2 girls with 1 of them being futanari
    1. Clairvoyance's Avatar
      Clairvoyance -
      - Beautiful Art
      - Good UI
      - Nice setting and concept
      - Yuri
      - Lots of costumes
      - Fitting characters

      - Gets a bit too grindy at the end
      - You may easily miss the bonus content at the end
      - There could be a few more cgs in the sexy scenes, and they could be a tiny bit longer (Kind of a shame since they look nice)
      - 2 of the bonus scenes are a bit underwhelming
      - I really would have liked to see several things they only hinted at (concerning bel and some other demons ;P)

      Overall I think this was pretty good, I just wish there was a bit more to it at the end. I have high hopes for a potential sequel. And again, this game is beautiful imho.
    1. AhriFoxFire's Avatar
      AhriFoxFire -
      100% CG: persistent
      My actually game save: 1-2-LT1
    1. GIGALOMANIAC's Avatar
      can anyone tell me how to unlock scenes 10 and 12
    1. GIGALOMANIAC's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by AhriFoxFire View Post
      100% CG: persistent
      My actually game save: 1-2-LT1
      ive got all the scenes except 10 and 12 ive gotten both endings fighting levia with and without anna in the party but i havent gotten the true end yet how did u do that?
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